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Couples- family visa

La bestia senza pace – immigration police raiding family homes in routine checks on EEA applications

This post is about my perplexity, revulsion and ultimate horror at what is going on here. And by here I mean HERE. I am helping my client with a routine application for an EEA residence card because he is married to an EEA national and has a right to live and work in the UK and needs a residence card as acknowledgment of these rights. I know my job well enough to tell him not to worry

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Residence rights of the parents of an EEA national child

CJEU to shed light on the extent of Surinder Singh principle

This post analyses the opinion of Advocate General Sharpston in a case related to the residence rights of family members of EU nationals residing in the country of nationality of the EU nationa. The Court of Justice of the European Union will rely on this opinion as a persuasive reference point before giving its judgment in the next few months.

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success rate tier 1 entrepreneur

Success rate of Tier 1 entrepreneur visa applications

In a written response to a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Home Office has provided information on the numbers of successful and unsuccessful applications for Tier 1 entrepreneur visas across 2011, 2012, and the first three quarters of 2013. It may be worth noting that the convoluted “genuine entrepreneur” test

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Disadvantages of UK citizenship

To be or not to be British? Disadvantages of UK citizenship

This post is out of date as of November 2017 following the decision of the judgment of the ECJ (Grand Chamber) in Toufik Lounes v Secretary of State for the Home Department C-165/16 of 14 November 2017.   Not long ago this question would simply not arise. Now it has become an integral part of

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Tier 1 entrepreneur webinar

Immigration Webinar: How to extend Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

In our first Webinar this year we will address some most common mistakes made by Tier 1 Entrepreneurs when applying for extension of their visa. The webinar will be of interest to people considering Entrepreneur visa as a potential immigration route to the UK, as well as for those who have already been issued with their initial Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and will seek to extend it before applying for settlement.

It is often frustrating for us and perhaps even more so for our clients, if we have to tell them that they do not meet the requirements of the immigration rules due to a trivial and non-essential error which would have been so easy to correct, were it not too late…

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