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We are a boutique firm of London-based specialist immigration lawyers who can help with every aspect of immigration to the UK. We help businesses comply with immigration requirements when engaging workers from overseas and we help private individuals to make the UK their home, for a while or for good, whether they are coming the UK to join family or to work for an employer, make an investment, or study at a UK university.

Hundreds of our clients have progressed from an initial application for entry clearance to British citizenship and we are proud that our success rate is 100% for applications which fall squarely under the rules and 97% for the more complex applications which require exercise of discretion.  We work very hard to maintain this track record and the positive outcome of your application is our top priority.

  • Clear advice on the requirements that you have to meet for a successful application
  • Careful preparation of supporting documents and legal representations to make the strongest of your case
  • Detailed feedback and heads up if there are any issues that need to be addressed – if there are any concerns about the outcome of your application we will let you know before submitting it and will take your instructions
  • Steady follow up to get a timely decision and safe return of your documents
  • Book a zoom call or telephone call with one of our immigration lawyers so that we assess your case and let you know if we can take your instructions or if you need a more detailed consultation;
  • We will email you our engagement letter confirming what we are instructed to do and our view on the prospect of success;
  • You confirm our engagement by email and make a payment of legal fees;
  • You will receive a list of documents we need from you and questions for the application form;
  • We prepare the forms and supporting documents with legal representations in support of your case;
  • You check and sign the application form and make an online payment of the Home Office fees;
  • We upload the supporting documents and legal representations on the government portal and book a biometric appointment for you;
  • You attend the biometric appointment;
  • We follow up with the Home Office and maintain any necessary correspondence on your behalf until a decision is made.
  • A BRP card is sent out to you after approval of your application; we will ask you to email us a copy for the file.
  • We offer highly professional legal advice and top quality customer care without charging you extra for priority or VIP service
  • You can expect a positive outcome of your immigration application unless we have explicitly told you there may be a problem
  • We have resolved even the most complex and challenging cases where other immigration lawyers did not see any prospect of success
  • We can tackle all manner of immigration problems so no matter if you need a British citizenship solicitor, a spouse visa solicitor or anything else immigration related, we are sure to be able to help. 

We want to help you as much as possible and this site is full of information that you may find useful. However, we cannot offer free legal advice for a number of reasons.

Legal advice is a formal service for which we bear professional responsibility. If you act on our advice we take full responsibility that the advice is correct, reliable and comprehensive.

We always take note of the advice we give and send you an email confirming our advice in writing.

There are citizens advice bureaus and immigration advice centres who may have funding for offering legal advice without charging clients. 

If you are looking for free advice, make sure the organisation you contact is creditable and is funded to provide this service.

On this site we share general information and frequently asked questions which we think many people will find of help. This information is not offered in the form of legal advice. The rules change much more often then we would like them to, and it is sometimes not possible to keep all information up to date. Although we do our best in regularly updating this website.




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On 12 April 2023 long residence rule will change to exclude from the definition of lawful residence temporary immigration categories, such as visitor visa, short term student visa and temporary admission granted while an application for asylum or humanitarian protection is under consideration. Check out if you or your client may be affected
The recent changes in the Immigration Rules introduced some new work permitting routes in UK immigration. The first change, effective from 11 April 2022, is introduction of the Global Business Mobility Scheme which combines five immigration routes available for workers seconded for temporary assignments to the UK.  These routes do not lead to settlement. The...
Full details of visa concessions for the Ukrainian citizens have not yet been announced but some steps have been taken to facilitate the visa application process. Family visas will be granted free of charge for close family members of British citizens or of Ukrainian citizens with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The UKVI aims to process a family visa application within 24 hours from submission of biometrics at the chosen visa application centre.
The Investor visa closed for new applicants with immediate effect on 17th February 2021. It remains open for extension applications and applications for settlement. There are no changes to the extension or settlement requirements. No prior announcement of the closure was made and the government chose to step aside from its standard policy of giving...
In an effort to boost adult social care following the pandemic, care staff (social care workers, care assistants and home care workers) have been added to the shortage occupation list.  Employers will be able to sponsor candidates in these professions for the Health and Care visa starting from 15th February 2021.
If you are travelling to the UK from another country, there are multiple rules that need to be followed due to Covid-19.   Updates to the Covid-19 travel rules If you are fully vaccinated and you arrive after 4am on 11th February 2022: You do not have to take a PCR or LFD COVID-19 test before...
If you’ve come here to study and liked it so much you now want to stay in the UK, here are some ideas that may help you overcome immigration barriers. There is the Long residence rule which allows one to get indefinite leave to remain after 1o years of continuous residence. Continuous residence does not...
The Investor visa was closed for new applications on 17th February 2021 without prior notice. The route catered for high net worth individuals investing at least £2 million into the British economy. It was one of the very few routes that offered accelerated settlement, with the possibility of getting indefinite leave to remain after only two years of residence - where the level of investment was sufficiently high.
This blog gives an outline of the costs that you may need to bear in mind when considering recruitment of a care worker from overseas. They are split into government costs – which cannot be reduced – and other costs that you may or may not incur and which offer more flexibility depending on your circumstances and the level of service you need.
If you’re not able to satisfy the financial requirement for the partner or the spouse visa in the traditional way of having income of at least £18,600 per year or having savings of at least £62,500, you may be able to rely on exceptional circumstances to meet the financial requirement. Read this blog to see whether you could potentially claim exceptional circumstances in your application.
If you would like to bring pet from overseas to the UK, in summary, you would need to: 1) check if you can bring your pet to the UK, 2) get your pet microchipped, 3) get your pet vaccinated against rabies, 4) get tapeworm treatment, and 5) get a pet travel document. This blog discusses how exactly you do all the above.
What will happen if you haven't applied for settled or pre-settled status before 30 June and missed the deadline? Looking into the future is not a simple task. But we may speculate about it from a legal perspective and give you some tips as to what one might expect. Hopefully, you have not missed the deadline and our tips are of no practical value to the reader - only an entertainer about what you have avoided having applied in time.