UK visa and citizenship

UK visa and citizenship

We can act as your legal representatives in any type of application for a UK visa or British citizenship

If you are considering immigration to the UK or wish to bring a partner of a family member to join you in the UK, we are delighted to help.

How it works

Before accepting your instructions we will have a brief conversation to make sure that you qualify and we can make a successful application on your behalf. If the matter is complex you may need an initial consultation where we will explain to you the options and outline any risks involved. If your matter falls squarely under the immigration rules you normally do not need a consultation.

We will give you an accurate quote in advance of accepting instructions and will confirm all details in the engagement letter.

We guarantee the highest professional competence and exceptional customer care. Our work is underwritten by professional indemnity insurance. Our regulator is the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner.

What is included

We will fully prepare the application on your behalf. This will include collating supporting evidence, completing the application form and drafting legal representations in support of the application. We will submit the application with supporting evidence in a timely fashion and will maintain all correspondence with the Home Office until a decision is made.

Document checking service

Document checking service may be offered as an alternative if you have prepared the application yourself and want a professional to go over it one more time to make sure you haven’t missed out anything.

Consultation and immigration advice

If you have any specific questions or concerns and wish to discuss them with a lawyer, we can offer a 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour consultation.

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What our clients say about us

“There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude to you. You have been more than just immigration consultants, you have been unflinching source of support, encouragement, and hope. Thank you for taking the extraordinary time and care to get me through this as safely and compassionately as you did. You are an excellent team and I count myself fortunate to have worked with you.”

Charissa Varma

“Thank you for the efforts you put into our application. We seriously doubted a positive result was possible but couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Claire and Ketut

“They took time to understand my circumstances and guide me through the process. Whoever picked up the phone seemed to be familiar with my case and be able to help me – it’s a tribute to the communications within the team.”

Simon Lancaster, CEO
Kadmos Consultants - Services