UK visa applications

UK visa applications

Legal representation in every type of UK visa application

If you need confidence in the outcome of your application, immigration lawyers with a track record of success are best placed to help.

Our immigration consultants have been preparing UK visa applications since 2007 and have an excellent success rate very close to 100%. 

We will tell you in advance if there are any risks, or weak spots, in your application and will give you detailed advice on how to make the application as strong as it can be. 

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Why legal representation is important - potential consequences of a visa refusal

Visa application can be refused for a most trivial mistake – an incorrectly completed form, a missing document, a misunderstanding. It may also be refused as a result of a mistake by the immigration authorities – an inexperienced or less than competent decision-maker can fail to take into account all the documents, or look at the wrong immigration rule or even misunderstand the rules and wrongly refuse the application.

Not every refusal comes with a right of appeal. Some mistakes can be corrected on administrative review or by making a complaint to the Home Office. In other circumstances, you may have to appeal to an immigration tribunal or make an application for Judicial Review. But if the mistake was yours, none of these remedies would help.

If you are applying for extension of stay or indefinite leave to remain, a refusal of your application may mean you have to leave the UK and make a new application for entry clearance from you country of nationality. The time previously spent in the UK would not count towards your entitlement to indefinite leave to remain and you may start the whole immigration process again.

Legal representation minimises the risk of mistakes

With over 15 years experience in immigration, we know how to prepare an application to minimise the risk of mistakes on the part of the Home Office. We give the immigration authorities a detailed explanation of how the legal requirements are met and how your supporting documents demonstrate this. This allows the decision-maker simply to follow our legal representations and decide the application in your favour.

Our commitment as legal representatives

We always, where possible, work on a fixed fee basis and there are no surprises or additional fees.

Before we accept your instructions we want to make sure that we can make a successful application on your behalf. It doesn’t mean we only accept cases which are straightforward or risk free. On the contrary, we take even most challenging cases sometimes turned down by other solicitors and immigration consultants. Where the case is complex and there are risks involved, we will explain to you the risks and how we propose to handle them, and if you are happy to give it a try, you will make an informed decision on assessment of all pros and contras.

We guarantee the highest professional competence and exceptional customer care. Our work is underwritten by professional indemnity insurance. Our regulator is the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner.

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What our clients say about us

“There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude to you. You have been more than just immigration consultants, you have been unflinching source of support, encouragement, and hope. Thank you for taking the extraordinary time and care to get me through this as safely and compassionately as you did. You are an excellent team and I count myself fortunate to have worked with you.”

“Thank you for the efforts you put into our application. We seriously doubted a positive result was possible but couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

“They took time to understand my circumstances and guide me through the process. Whoever picked up the phone seemed to be familiar with my case and be able to help me – it’s a tribute to the communications within the team.”

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