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Spouse visa alternatives

Does the spouse visa have any better alternatives?

It is received knowledge that if you are married to a British citizen, UK spouse visa is your default immigration option. Although in the majority of scenarios this is the case, sometimes there are better options that shouldn’t be ignored. This blog offers tips on the five factors you have to bear in mind when choosing the right immigration category.

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Can I sponsor myself?

Can I sponsor myself if my relationship breaks down?

If you are in the UK on a dependent visa and your marriage is on the rocks, visa problems are perhaps the last thing you want to get worried about. And yet it may come to a point when you have to face the dreaded question – what options do I have if I want to stay in the UK? Self-sponsorship can be a practical solution if you are running your own business and have at least one settled employee who can be responsible for the sponsor management system.

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Does ILR expire?

Does Indefinite Leave to Remain Expire?

For holders of Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, Immigration Rules changed quietly in October 2023. Before introduction of Appendix Returning Resident, our advice was on the side of caution – if you are leaving the UK for a prolonged period of time, repeated visits may not be sufficient to maintain your indefinite leave to remain. Our advice now is more confident in that visiting the UK is sufficient to protect your status and the purpose of visit should not have an impact on your status.

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Overview of UK immigration

UK visitor visa – 180-day rule

How frequently can I come to the UK as a visitor and how does the 180-day rule work? There is no hard and fast rule about spending not more than 180 days in the UK in any one year, but in practice this is taken as a checkpoint beyond which the notion of a country of residence and the country you are visiting may be reversed. Here are some helpful tips from an immigration lawyer explaining how the “soft” rule works.

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Story of Kadmos

Did Kadmos have a visa? Immigration lawyer’s thoughts

I am almost certain that before travelling to Greece, Kadmos obtained a visa. It would be foolish not to as illegal migration was frowned upon at the best of times. In this post I argue that he must have had the Global talent visa endorsed in either Arts, or Sciences or even Digital technologies.

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