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UK visitor visa – 180-day rule

How frequently can I come to the UK as a visitor and how does the 180-day rule work? There is no hard and fast rule about spending not more than 180 days in the UK in any one year, but in practice this is taken as a checkpoint beyond which the notion of a country of residence and the country you are visiting may be reversed. Here are some helpful tips from an immigration lawyer explaining how the “soft” rule works.

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Story of Kadmos

Did Kadmos have a visa? Immigration lawyer’s thoughts

I am almost certain that before travelling to Greece, Kadmos obtained a visa. It would be foolish not to as illegal migration was frowned upon at the best of times. In this post I argue that he must have had the Global talent visa endorsed in either Arts, or Sciences or even Digital technologies.

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Immigration advice

How to stay in the UK on completion of studies

If you’ve come to the UK to study and would like to stay on after completing your course, here are some ideas that may help you choose the best immigration option. You may choose between Graduate visa, sponsored employment or non-sponsored routes such as the Global Talent.

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UK Investor Visa

Investor Visa in Turmoil

The Investor visa was closed for new applications on 17th February 2021 without prior notice. The route catered for high net worth individuals investing at least £2 million into the British economy. It was one of the very few routes that offered accelerated settlement, with the possibility of getting indefinite leave to remain after only two years of residence – where the level of investment was sufficiently high.

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cost of sponsoring a care worker in the UK

The cost of sponsoring a care worker in the UK

This blog gives an outline of the costs that you may need to bear in mind when considering recruitment of a care worker from overseas. They are split into government costs – which cannot be reduced – and other costs that you may or may not incur and which offer more flexibility depending on your circumstances and the level of service you need.

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Is ILR granted on the Isle of Man valid in the UK?

The Isle of Man, as well as the Channel Islands, is not part of the United Kingdom. The Islands are officially self-governing dependencies of the British Crown with their own independent jurisdictions. The Isle of Man has its own immigration system which is independent of the Home Office and the Secretary of State for the…

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