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How to stay in the UK on completion of studies

If you’ve come here to study and liked it so much you now want to stay in the UK, here are some ideas that may help you overcome immigration barriers. There is the Long residence rule which allows one to get indefinite leave to remain after 1o years of continuous residence. Continuous residence does not

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UK Investor Visa

Investor Visa in Turmoil

The Investor visa was closed for new applications on 17th February 2021 without prior notice. The route catered for high net worth individuals investing at least £2 million into the British economy. It was one of the very few routes that offered accelerated settlement, with the possibility of getting indefinite leave to remain after only two years of residence – where the level of investment was sufficiently high.

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cost of sponsoring a care worker in the UK

The cost of sponsoring a care worker in the UK

This blog gives an outline of the costs that you may need to bear in mind when considering recruitment of a care worker from overseas. They are split into government costs – which cannot be reduced – and other costs that you may or may not incur and which offer more flexibility depending on your circumstances and the level of service you need.

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Spouse financial requirement

Not able to meet the financial requirement of Appendix FM? Do not despair

If you’re not able to satisfy the financial requirement for the partner or the spouse visa in the traditional way of having income of at least £18,600 per year or having savings of at least £62,500, you may be able to rely on exceptional circumstances to meet the financial requirement. Read this blog to see whether you could potentially claim exceptional circumstances in your application.

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How to bring a pet

How to bring your pet to the UK?

If you would like to bring pet from overseas to the UK, in summary, you would need to: 1) check if you can bring your pet to the UK, 2) get your pet microchipped, 3) get your pet vaccinated against rabies, 4) get tapeworm treatment, and 5) get a pet travel document. This blog discusses how exactly you do all the above.

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Giovanna and Giovanni - EU national residents in the UK

EU Settled Status scheme – what to expect if you miss the deadline

What will happen if you haven’t applied for settled or pre-settled status before 30 June and missed the deadline? Looking into the future is not a simple task. But we may speculate about it from a legal perspective and give you some tips as to what one might expect. Hopefully, you have not missed the deadline and our tips are of no practical value to the reader – only an entertainer about what you have avoided having applied in time.

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