Immigration advice

Immigration advice

Receive expert immigration advice

For legal advice in an immigration matter, please book an appointment with one of our lawyers. You can select the type of appointment which best matches your needs. The consultation is via zoom and you can select a timeslot that works for you.

You will receive professional legal advice confirmed in writing by email.

Your information is always kept in confidence and will never be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

We will speak with you in a plain language avoiding legal jargon and ambiguities. Where the law is ambiguous – or can be interpreted in different ways – we will explain the ambiguity to you to help you make an informed decision on the best way forward.

Express immigration consultation

For a short question regarding immigration, you can book an express appointment. This will cover a 10-minute zoom consultation and a follow-up email to confirm the advice we gave you. Express consultation fee is £124.

Immigration advice call

30-minute zoom meeting with an adviser

If there is a specific problem you wish to discuss or more than one question in relation to an application you are planning to make, you may choose to book a 30-minute appointment with one of the lawyers. It will be helpful if you email us your questions or give us some background information in advance so that, if necessary, we can do advance legal research and bring up any relevant policy documents. Immigration advice call fee is £240.

In-depth immigration advice

If you are choosing between competing immigration options and need legal advice on the best immigration strategy for your circumstances, we suggest that you book an immigration strategy consultation. This covers discussion of the options you have, the benefits and disadvantages of this or that route, and legal requirements for your chosen immigration option.

If you are choosing between an ancestry visa, spouse visa, Skilled Worker visa, Scale-up Worker or Global talent visa there are many factors to consider – how much are you planning to travel, will you meet the requirements for indefinite leave to remain at the end of the residence period, should you or your partner be the main visa holder, will there be a financial advantage of choosing this route rather than that route, how soon will you qualify for citizenship.

We answer your questions and give you food for thought so that you make an informed decision on the strategy you want to choose.

Our fee for an in-depth consultation is £360

Pre-application appointment

If you are planning to make a visa application you may want to know in advance the requirements you have to meet and have a list of supporting documents you will have to prepare. In this appointment we will discuss your circumstances in order to prepare a bespoke list of documents recommended for you and your family and will explain to you the rules and requirements you have to meet. Or fee for a pre-application consultation is £600.

You can later instruct us to check your application before you submit it to the Home Office, or to act as your representatives and submit the application on your behalf.

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