Our Services

UK Immigration Law is very complex and you need certainty to plan your future and your moves.

Our lawyers are available at short notice to give you reliable professional legal advice.

From short 15-minute appointments to document checking service and advice on merits in complex immigration appeals – Kadmos Consultants will treat you with courtesy and respect and will give you practical and constructive advice summarised in writing.

If you are not prepared to take risks and need confidence in the outcome of your application, legal representation in your application is the best way to ensure success.

With over 17 years experience, we have 100% success rate in applications not requiring exercise of discretion and well over 90% in applications which do not fall under the rules but require the Home Office to be flexible and understanding.

  • Applications for naturalisation for persons over 18 resident in the UK
  • Registration of children resident in the UK but not British by birth
  • Registration of children born outside the UK to a parent British by descent
  • Registration of children adopted outside the UK by British citizens
  • Registration of adults who missed out on British citizenship as a result of historic discrimination

If you want to employ a non-British person, we will ensure that you are fully compliant with the legal requirements. 

Our services include:

  • sponsor licence applications
  • visa applications and extensions for sponsored workers
  • immigration audit
  • advice on the most cost effective immigration solutions for temporary workers

We take on even the most difficult and challenging cases and bring them to the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • Advice on merits – what you need to bring a successful appeal
  • Applications for administrative review of decisions refused by mistake
  • Representation in immigration appeals including drafting the grounds and skeleton argument, witness statements, preparing the bundles of documents and representation in court

Each business is unique but we share the desire to bring joy to the world through the products and services we offer. We are best placed  when we do it together.

We aim to answer all enquiries within three business hours

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We aim to answer all enquiries within three business hours.