Services for employers of migrant workers

Services for employers of migrant workers

Our services for UK-based businesses include:

We offer a reliable and cost effective alternative to large city-based corporations providing legal advice and representation in all matters related to UK immigration.

Immigration law has become just as important to business owners and HR professionals as employment law did in the last century. Right to work checks are mandatory and fines for employing someone unlawfully can be in the tens of thousands of pounds. The risk of dismissing someone unfairly out of fear that they may not have the right to work is also high.

To avoid these worries, we offer comprehensive support and training to business owners and HR professionals to give you confidence in navigating the UK immigration rules and set up a compliant and secure practice procedure.

We promise quality and attention to every detail, personalised approach to your business and minimum bureaucracy.

From January 2021 Immigration Rules will change and will apply equally to EU nationals and people from other parts of the world. If you have any concerns about your employees’ right to work or wish to ensure that all employees working for you now retain their rights, we are the right people to help you.

From 2021, employers will be permitted to sponsor medium skilled workers both from the EU and from the rest of the world. You will need sponsorship licence, however, unless your employees have settled or pre-settled status or otherwise hold the right to work outside the sponsorship system. We are happy to help to ensure that your application for a sponsor licence is approved at first attempt.

Sponsor Management System has to be regularly updated reflecting any relevant changes to the sponsor’s business or the employee’s term of contract. We usually act as Level 1 users for our clients which allows us to request new allocations, assign certificates of sponsorship and keep the SMS up-to-date.

We regularly assist employers with visa applications for their sponsored employees. The sponsored employees are permitted to bring to the UK their immediate family (partner and children under 18) who will also qualify for settlement after five years of residence.

You may read general guidance on the permitted activities for business visitors on the dedicated page. However, some situations are complex and there may be more than one view on what’s permitted and what’s not. If you have a specific project in mind and have any doubts about permitted activities, we strongly recommend booking a consultation.

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What our clients say about us

“Getting through the hurdle of the sponsorship licence system would have been impossible without you. We highly recommend you to any prospective employer.”

Artificial Lift

“I would like to thank you for your fantastic and kind work in overturning the decision on Mr Muhammed’s visa. We thought this wouldn’t be possible; we are quite astonished and very happy.”

Charlie Walker-Arnott, The Islamic Manuscript Association

“The services you provided were excellent and we would recommend this highly to anyone who has a need to deal with the UK Border Agency on immigrant workers issues.”

Dejan Stojanovich, Obelisk Energy Group
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