Client Success Stories

Appeal won for a client accused of marriage of convenience
The concept of a “Marriage of convenience” can be a real scourge in the hands of the Home Office when it comes to partners of EU nationals who obtained an immigration advantage through marriage. Outside immigration jargon, a marriage of...
Our client was a British citizen resident in the Philippines since 2005. He married in 2011 and adopted his wife’s son. The adoption was done in the Philippines. It took close to two years and was completed in 2013. It was supervised by the social services in the Philippines and was carried out with competence and due diligence. At the time we were instructed to register the boy as a British citizen he was 17 years of age. It was his only chance to apply for British nationality.
A boy adopted in the Philippines is registered as a British citizen!
Spouse visa refusal reversed without going to court!
Our client initially applied for extension of her spouse visa herself, without help from immigration solicitors. The visa application was refused for failure to provide a mandatory document. She was told to leave the country or appeal and that was when she contacted Kadmos Consultants.
Our client’s barrister in the Upper tribunal was Sonali Naik of Garden Court Chambers whose expertise, commitment and painstaking preparation was vital for the success of this case. The appellant was a Syrian national, currently resident in Egypt, who wished to visit her daughter’s family in the UK and who was denied a visitor’s visa due to political situation in Egypt and the war conflict in Syria.
Kadmos wins a Human Rights immigration appeal for a visitor from Syria