Apply for British Citizenship

Apply for British Citizenship

Whatever your circumstances, we will be delighted to help you to become a British citizen. Whether you are in the UK or overseas, whether your application is complex or not, we will make sure you have the best chance of success in the quickest possible way.

You can choose between full legal representation and guidance on how to apply. You may also book a consultation to address any specific concerns or check if and when you are eligible to apply.

How to apply for British citizenship

There are two ways of applying for British citizenship – naturalisation or registration.

For children, British citizenship is always by registration. In some cases it is registration by entitlement, in other, at the discretion of the Home Office.

For adults – if you were not born in the UK and have no British ancestry – citizenship is always by naturalisation. You have to have indefinite leave to remain or settled status in the UK, pass the Life in the UK test and meet the English language requirement (B1 level). There are also good character requirements and the rules on absences from the UK.

If you have British ancestry you may have entitlement to citizenship if it was a historic unfairness or discrimination that prevented you from becoming British. If you have a British born grandmother or a British grandfather on your mother’s line, you may qualify for registration.

You may also be entitled to registration if you were born in the UK after 1983 and have lived in the UK for the first ten years of your life. 

Complex citizenship applications

There may be complex scenarios, where you do not meet all the legal requirements but the decision maker will have a discretionary power to grant you British citizenship anyway. There are complex rules on the exercise of discretion. In some cases, discretion can be mandatory, in others it will depend on your special compelling circumstances.

If your matter is complex and requires exercise of discretion, we recommend that you book an appointment to discuss the current policy, what factors can be taken into account and what evidence you will need to strengthen your case.

Full legal representation in an application for British citizenship

Full legal representation will take the hassle of the application off your shoulders and will give you confidence in the best outcome. There is no priority service in citizenship applications, but the applications prepared professionally may be decided quicker because they are put together with the anticipation of any potential follow-up questions. It is easier for a decision maker to approve an application prepared for approval.

If you book full legal representation you can expect all of the following:

  • Confirmation of your entitlement to apply for citizenship and discussion of any potential areas of concern
  • Thoroughly vetting your documents and collating a bundle in support of your application
  • Submitting your application with the supporting documents and a cover letter explaining how the legal requirements for the application are met
  • Booking your biometric appointment
  • Any follow-up correspondence with the Home Office on your behalf until a decision is made

Get a quote for representation in your application for British citizenship

Preparing citizenship application yourself

If your budget does not allow full legal representation and you wish to make the application yourself, we can offer you pre-application advice.

You can choose the length of appointment that suits you but we would recommend that you book a 30-minute slot. We will guide you through the requirements and answer your questions.

You may later wish to book a document checking service or a follow up appointment to make sure all remaining questions or concerns have been addressed before you submit the application.

What our clients say about us

“There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude to you. You have been more than just immigration consultants, you have been unflinching source of support, encouragement, and hope. Thank you for taking the extraordinary time and care to get me through this as safely and compassionately as you did. You are an excellent team and I count myself fortunate to have worked with you.”

“Without you I would never have thought I could successfully apply for British citizenship. I thought my absences would not permit it. Everyone except Kadmos were telling me it couldn't work. I am so happy I trusted your judgment!”

“They took time to understand my circumstances and guide me through the process. Whoever picked up the phone seemed to be familiar with my case and be able to help me – it’s a tribute to the communications within the team.”

We aim to answer all enquiries within three business hours

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We aim to answer all enquiries within three business hours.