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What happens when your employee’s visa comes to an end and they apply for extension? Do they have the right to work? Is the employer safe if anything goes wrong?  In my experience, over 90% of employers simply do not know what the law requires them to do to ensure immigration compliance, but most are aware that potential fines are in the tens of thousands of pounds. Some invent their “homemade” systems to ensure their workers are not “illegal”.

A major problem with any homemade system is that it will not protect you from fines.

If you have a sponsor licence, the Home Office may routinely pay you a visit and check your files. A “homemade” system of compliance will not be what they would expect from you, and this may result in getting your licence downgraded, or even suspended.

The good news is that the procedure is not at all complicated, but you have to follow it to the letter and take exactly the right steps at the right time.

I thought that a checklist would be helpful for any business owner or HR professional, who wants to make sure they are not taking any risks and at the same time respect and trust their employees independently of their country of origin or immigration status.

If you feel you need certainty, this FREE GUIDE will tell you what simple steps you need to take, when to take them to avoid the risk of fines when your employee applies for a visa extension. I hope you find it helpful!

Kadmos Consultants offer Immigration Health Checks for businesses employing foreign nationals and routinely assist with Resident Labour Market test, Sponsor licence applications, Tier 2 initial applications, extensions and ILR.

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