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A new CAS may be issued for students who intend to re-site an exam or re-take a module. There is a limit on the number of times you would be allowed to attempt the re-sit or re-take the modules. A-rated sponsors are not allowed to hold re-sits more than twice. Highly trusted sponsors are not subject to this strict limit, but would need to justify any additional attempt by exceptional circumstances. In all cases, issuance of CAS for re-sits or retaking the module is at the discretion of the sponsoring institution on the basis of their assessment of the student’s ability to pass the course. The new CAS may only be issued where the student’s continued participation in academic studies is required within 60 days of the start of the next academic period. If you only need to re-sit the exam and do not intend to participate in academic studies, a new CAS cannot be issued. In this case you will be required to leave the country and apply for entry clearance as a student visitor for the purpose of re-sitting the examination.

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