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The government has announced publication of the new Immigration Bill, HC Bill 110.

The Immigration Bill introduces the long promised draconian measures including further limitation of judicial control over the ever failing decision making process,  immigration policing duties vested on private individuals under threats of hefty financial fines, refusal of medical services to migrants unable to prove their immigration status.

Landlords will face fines of up to £3000 for hosting “illegal migrants”.

Doctors will have to check the patient’s status before providing care.

The right of appeal against poor decision making will be slashed back. There will be no in-country right of appeal on the grounds that the decision is not in accordance with the law or not in accordance with the immigration rules.

Migrants who lost their status due to an erroneous decision will only be able to challenge it by way of judicial review. During this time their limbo status would prevent them from renting accommodation or receiving medical treatment. It is anticipated that those who can leave at this stage will do so.


Immigration Bill




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