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Marriage Visitor’s Visa

Marriage Visitor’s Visa

Non-UK residents need a visitor visa if they wish to get married in the UK but not will not be living in the UK after marriage. This requirement applies to non-visa nationals who would normally get leave to enter at the border if visiting he UK for up to six months.

Marriage visitor visa should not be confused with a fiance visa which is for those who are planning to get married in the UK and stay with their British partner.

Ironically, fiances of British citizens may find it more difficult to get a marriage visitor visa to the UK than people who do not have this connection with the UK. This is because their intention to leave the UK after the wedding may be subjected to more scrutiny and rigidity of the immigration rules in relation to spouses of British citizens contributes as a negative factor.

Marriage visitors have to meet general suitability and eligibility requirements for visitors and demonstrate that their intention to marry is genuine.

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