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Child visitors

Child visitors

Children under the age of 18 can come to the UK as visitors provided suitable arrangements have been made for their travel to, and reception and care in the UK and the parent or guardian in their home country has expressed consent to these arrangements.

A child visitor may be issued with a visa as an “accompanied child visitor”, in which case the child would be travelling in the company of an adult identified on the entry clearance. The child will not be admitted into the country without the adult named on the child’s entry clearance document.

Alternatively, the child may be issued with an entry clearance as an unaccompanied child visitor. Parent’s or guardian’s consent is required for this arrangement. A child with an “unaccompanied child visitor” visa can travel with or without an accompanying adult. Where the child will be travelling with different adults to and from the UK, or where multiple visits are envisaged and different adults will be accompanying the child, it is advisable to apply for an “unaccompanied child visitor” visa.

A child visitor may be admitted to the UK to pursue a short course of study.  The institution providing the course must be licenced or accredited by the UK Border Agency, unless the child is undertaking an activity based programme, such as a sports summer school, camping, dancing, and such like, in which case the school does not require accreditation.

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