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Immigration Tribunal Fees go back down

5857591588_21b8384cf1_mThese days good news is when bad news is revoked. From today Immigration Tribunal fees will be charged at the old rate as set out in the Tribunal Fees order of 2011.

In an unprecedented move the government has confirmed that from today tribunal fees will be charged at the level set before the infamous raise of appeal fees last month.…

Brexit – free movement rights to be compromised

The deal offered to the UK following negotiations in Brussels will significantly compromise free movement rights of EU nationals with third country national family members. The proposal is drafted primarily along the lines of fighting abuse of the system by those who receive immigration advantage through marriage with an EU national. In effect, the proposal offers exclusion of third country nationals from the benefits of the EU Regulations.

Right to permanent residence under the EEA Regulations – Babajanov (Azerbaijan) v SSHD

In IB (Azerbaijan) (Continuity of residence – EEA Regs) [2013] 00513 (IAC) the Upper Tribunal overturned the decision of the First-tier tribunal in relation to the Appellant’s right to permanent residence under the EEA Regulations.

The Appellant came to the UK as a child on an EEA family permit together with his mother who was joining her EEA national husband in the UK.…

EEA Regulations to be amended from 16 July 2012

Changes to Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations were laid before Parliament on 22 June 2012 and will come into effect on 16 July this year.

The Regulations aim to incorporate some rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union, yet leave behind some of the most far reaching judgments, such as Zambrano – the right of residence for a primary carer of an EU national.…

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