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The Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules published on 16 October 2014 only affects new Tier 2 visa applicants who will not be get any points for certificates of sponsorship issued for a migrant who would be providing an ongoing routine service to a third party. These rules coming into effect on 6 November 2014 are intended to prevent a Tier 2 sponsor from acting as an agency supplying contract staff to third parties.  Similar provisions were in the Employer Guidance document before the announcement of changes in the immigration rules. There is no specific mention of seconding Tier 2 employees to a third party location. Yet, the Guidance also contains a vaguely worded restriction on “ongoing routine services” to a third party. In other words, there is no blanket prohibition, but each scenario has to be addressed on a case by case basis.  Your position as a Tier 2 sponsorship licence holder may be affected if you are in breach of the rules laid down in the guidance. And this may in turn affect your current staff with Tier 2 General visa. We strongly recommend seeking professional legal advice in order to discuss the arrangements in more detail and ensure you are compliant.

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