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Restrictions on employment of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals will continue to the end of 2013.

In a ministerial statement of 23 November 2011, Damian Green has confirmed that restrictions on access to employment market for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals will continue to apply until the end of 2013.

This move is aimed at protecting the UK labour market from anticipated influx of low skilled workers from the new Member States.

Currently, Bulgarians and Romanians need a work permit which is only granted where the requirements of the local labour market test have been met.

There are no restrictions on self-employed activities.

Quotas for the agricultural and food processing sectors have been announced to remain unchanged through 2013.

This extension will not affect those who have been already authorised to work in the UK.

The extension will not carry on beyond 2013 as this would be contrary to the Treaty governing accession of Bulgaria and Romania.

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