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Changes to the spouse visa minimum income requirements

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Spouses of UK citizens

Settlement: spouse, unmarried partner or civil partner of a person present and settled in the UK You can apply for indefinite leave to remain as the spouse, unmarried partner or same sex partner of a person settled in the UK after you have lived in the UK with a spouse visa for at least five years. If you initially applied for the spouse visa under the old rules (in place before 9 July 2012) you are covered by transitional arrangements and can apply after two years of residence. The requirements for settlement under the rules in place after 9 July

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Spouse Visa UK

UK spouse visa, or unmarried partner visa – who is it for? Are you married to a British citizen or a person with a permanent right of residence? Are you planning to make the UK your home? If the answer to both questions is yes, spouse visa UK, also known as partner visa UK, is for you! If you are unmarried partners and have lived together (not just dated!) for at least two years, you are eligible as well. Civil partnership is on a par with marriage. Overview of the requirements Spouse visa requirements can be summarised as follows: Relationship


UKBA data on the success rate of the in-country spouse visa applications under Appendix FM

Of the 5400 applications for partner's visa made in the UK in the 12 months between July 2012 and June 2013 only a shockingly small number of 313 have so far been successful! Out of the 313 successful applications, 168 (53%) were made by women and 145 (47%) by men. Of the 1140 unsuccessful applications, 491 were by women (43%) and 649 (57%) by men. One might speculate whether the gender imbalance is related to it being more difficult for women to sponsor the partner under the harsh financial requirements of the new rules.


UK spouse visa rules: unfair and discriminatory

Long gone are the times when spouses of British citizens were admitted freely to the UK or given life-long right of abode without extensive representations from immigration lawyers. Gone are the times when the spouse of a British citizen had to pass through a probation period of two years before applying for indefinite leave to remain. From July 2012 rules have become complicated, particularly for some categories of migrants, or rather for some categories of British citizens who have the whim of marrying a non-Brit.


New spouse visa rules from 9 July 2012

From 9 July 2012 family immigration rules are changed. The new rules affect all applications made on or after this date. Those who applied before 9 July, as well as those who are already in the UK as family members of UK residents, are not affected. The new rules set the minimum income requirement of £18,600 for sponsors wishing to bring in a non-EU national spouse. This income has to have been maintained over a six months’ period prior to the application. The rules provide for alternative savings options where income requirement cannot be met. Maintenance requirement for a sponsored child is £3,800 for

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