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EU citizenship programmes

EU citizenship programmes

In the modern world of internet and cyber technology, freedom of movement across the borders is no longer a luxury. For many businesses and private individuals it has become a necessity of everyday life.

A choice of residence, a place to conduct business or, for that matter, a choice of second or third citizenship is a decision which requires circumspection, planning and reliable professional advice.

If you are a British citizen wishing to keep your European citizenship post Brexit, or if you are a national of a non-EU country seeking to acquire residence rights or citizenship in Europe, we are the right people to advise you on the options available, the costs, requirements and procedures.

We have hand-picked two most attractive European alternatives:

Cyprus offers the fastest route to EU citizenship through investment

Cyprus supports EU citizenship applications with processing time of only three months


  • €2 million to be invested in residential property
    • this can be one property worth € 2 million, or a portfolio of properties with one property to be valued at not less than €500,000;
    • the portfolio worth €1.5 million can be re-sold after three years;
    • residential property worth €500,000 is to be retained by the investor, but can be rented out immediately
  • € 2.5 million investment in real estate, including commercial property
    • the portfolio should include at least one residential property valued at €500,000


  • Citizenship approved after three months and Cyprus passport issued after six months – this cannot be matched anywhere else in Europe;
  • One of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with excellent infrastructure, superb life style and fantastic food and enjoyable climate.
  • No physical presence requirements.
  • Significant tax advantages:
    • No inheritance tax
    • No tax on dividend income
    • No tax on interest income
    • No tax on capital gains on real estate transactions (conditions apply)

Portuguese residence and citizenship programme

Portugal offers residence to investors in real estate and business activities. Residence rights are granted for a period of five years (two extension applications to be made during this period). After five years of residence, the investor and his family members are entitled to permanent residence and after one year with settled status, an application can be made for naturalisation.

This route is may be more attractive than other programmes in Europe due to relatively low investment requirement, and minimal physical presence requirements (on average seven days a year). For comparison, UK requires £ 2 million investment and physical presence in the UK of at least six months in a year.

Requirements for the Portuguese “golden visa” (in the alternative):

  • Investment of at least € 500,000 in real estate;
  • Investment of at least € 350,000 in real estate for the refurbishment of properties older than 30 years;
  • Investment of at least € 280,000 in property more than 30 years old in low populated rural areas;
  • Capital transfer of at least € 1 million into a Portuguese bank account or approved investment options;
  • Capital transfer of at least € 350,000 for investing in research institutions involved in the national scientific and technological system;
  • Investment of € 250,000 in support of artistic production for the recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage;
  • Creation of a business with a minimum of 10 jobs.


  • Free travel in the Schengen zone;
  • Excellent infrastructure in the heart of Europe;
  • Low physical presence requirements;
  • Attractive corporate and private taxation system;
  • Access to the some of the best schools and universities in Europe;
  • Excellent health care facilities;
  • Peaceful and beautiful location of unspoilt natural beauty.

If any of the above options are of interest to you, please email us  to for an initial advice on the best steps forward.


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