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Business and work related immigration

Business immigration can be demanding. You need to ensure that the enterprise will take off, that the visa will not hold you back, that you will be able to start work in time.

For all these complex issues there is a solution. Get legal advice and plan ahead.

If you are an overseas entrepreneur or have an offer of employment in the UK, we will be happy to represent you in your application for the relevant work-related visa.

What are the business visa options?

The options depend on what you intend to do in the UK.

If you are visiting the UK to attend a meeting or a conference, you may not need a visa, or, if you are a visa national, you may need a visitor visa.

Setting up and running a business in the UK would require a start-up on innovator visa, global talent visa, representative of an overseas business visa, or possibly an investor visa.

It is really important to get legal advice to make sure you apply for the right one and your application is successful.

Work permit visas

Workers are required to have an offer of employment from a registered sponsor. With an offer of employment and relevant paperwork, you can apply for a sponsorship visa, known in the UK as a Tier 2 visa.

If you have a tentative offer of employment subject to immigration compliance, set up a consultation. We will help your prospective employer navigate the immigration requirements.

You will need to think about the optimal term of the visa, the right choice of SOC code, salary, and resident labour market test. Once we have done this, you can be confident in the outcome of the application.

If you are planning to qualify for settlement after five years of sponsored work or, maybe under the long residence rule, if you previously studied in the UK, thinking ahead is even more important.

Indefinite leave to remain application is subject to complex requirements related to absences, good character, immigration compliance of the sponsor, and so on. It is always best to have an expert preempt any problems.

Finding a job in Britain

Are a professional person? Is your profession in high demand in the UK? (For most demanded jobs you may consult the shortage occupation list) If yes, we may be able to help you find employment.

An alternative to employment in a highly-skilled role may be an internship. Particularly, if you recently graduated from university.

Internship in UK companies

Internships are covered by Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) programmes. They are normally for twelve months. Their aim is to get the intern practical experience in the field related to their course of studies.

For young graduates, it may be easier to find a sponsored position on completion of a recognised UK based internship.

We are happy to have a chat about the best strategy for the advancement of your career in the UK.

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