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3 Comments » for Who wears pyjamas? An Immigration Solicitor’s Perspective
  1. shirleymcc says:

    our marriage was classed as a sham marriage in 2002,Immigration officers came to our family home and arrested and detained my Husband 6 months into the marriage,He was released a week ltr,And for the last 12 years have refused to Accept we are are a family,by saying our marrage is not subsiding,And has Broken Down.We are still married Happy and Living Together,We had a Human right Article 8 case in the courts almost 4 years Ago which they pulled out of and still we have not received a decision on my Husbands case,We now are back in the courts and will be having a hearing for Are case soon Human rights,Im sure we must be the longest sham Marriage

  2. Melanie says:

    Fascinating blog post, thanks for writing it! Mobile phones outside of bedrooms are suspicious?! Pyjamas counts as ‘fully clothed’? Fathers have to know their baby’s ‘affairs’ to be real parents?! Really shows how there are different rules and standards for different people.
    Shirley – I am doing some research at the University of Bristol on immigration rules, mixed-nationality families and ‘sham’ accusations. If you are interested in knowing more, do get in touch! Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery

  3. MothersLadla says:

    If more people that write articles really concerned with writing great content like you, more readers would be interested in their writings.  Thank you for caring about your content. Employment Law.  This content is written very well.   Tramadol Online Canada

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