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7 Comments » for How criminal record affects applications for indefinite leave to remain and nationality
  1. JamesFranko says:

    Hi There, Is FPN, PNC, PND comes under 24 months rules or it does not count as out of court sentences?

  2. I was sent to prison for 4years and that was 1999 so can i apply british citizenship

    • Helena Sheizon says:

      There is no yes or no answer to this question. You would benefit from legal advice before applying and we should be able to tell you if you have a chance of making a successful application when we have had an opportunity to discuss your circumstances with you in more detail. You can book a consultation over the telephone on 020 8930 9503 or send us an email to Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery.

  3. Tunde laoye says:

    I got a non custodial sentence 2009 and I want to apply for ilr now.through the 10yrs long residence rule.pls will I be refused?

  4. Adam says:

    what type of searches do immigration make e,.f do they contact police or dvla -how do they verify a conviction as did with my friend when no arrest was made but court summons were used-?

  5. how long do i have to wait to apply for settled status as an EU member if i have received a suspend sentence ?
    and what about if a received a community order?
    thank you

    • Helena Sheizon says:

      Under EU law you acquire permanent right of residence after exercising Treaty rights for five years. You don’t have to pass the “good character” requirements and community order or suspended sentence does not have any impact. This is a much more relaxed system then settlement under the immigration rules.

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