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Visitor visaIt might sound ironic, but the Immigration Rules make an express provision that visitor visa will not be issued to those who have the intention of taking up an English language course in the UK.

We have discussed this eccentric prohibition with other immigration solicitors, anthropologists and lay people, and have come up with five good reasons that we can offer for public consideration:

  1. Learning a new language is time consuming. Nothing should distract visitors to the UK from shopping.
  2. Independent reports show that the English language is seductive. Migrants might fall under its spell and fall in love with the natives.  Visitors are not allowed to marry or found a family. They are thus protected from suffering.
  3. Visitors to the UK are not allowed to work.  Native English speakers find learning a new language hard work.
  4. Visitors who master their English to sufficient level may achieve the knowledge of English necessary to become a highly skilled worker or entrepreneur.  The British economy struggles to cope with excessive skills and entrepreneurial acumen.
  5. Those who will not achieve the necessary level of English to become highly skilled migrants or entrepreneurs, are more likely to become investors since there is no English language requirements for those who are prepared to invest a million pounds into the British economy. Attracting investment is the key rationale behind not allowing visitors to study English.

Please let us know if you can think of any further or alternative reasons.

All suggestions will be gratefully taken on board.

Author: Helena Sheizon- Director and Immigration Lawyer

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