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There is a number of good reasons not to pass this general election, but we have selected just five most obvious ones, or most important from an immigration lawyer’s perspective. Here are five reasons why WE believe that things should change and your vote can make a difference.Do not miss the election

1. Your vote may help return the rule of law.

Over the last seven years we have witnessed an unprecedented demise of the rule of law: access to immigration courts has been but abolished, decision making is put on freewheel basis and justice is not part of the legal system. There is virtually no judicial control over administrative decisions and the system has been described as Kafkaesque in its irrationality and Byzantine in complexity.

2. Your vote may stop erosion of the Human Rights legislation.

Immigration Rules have made a joke of the Human Rights Act. You may not be aware, but there is no longer family life between the parent and an adult child, and private life is not to be respected unless you have indefinite leave to remain; British children are routinely separated from non British parents or face expulsion from the UK; couples are removed from the UK on a sheer suspicion that their marriage is a sham (with the right to come back in 18 months or so and prove in court that this is not the case).

3. You have a chance to vote for a fairer immigration system and see the end of the nonsensical “net migration” policy. Unfair and callous immigration system encroaches on the basic principles of equality and creates a new, sometimes immensely underprivileged class of second generation migrants.

4. Your vote is a choice between an increased budget for security and a divisive rhetoric which puts on the defensive people from “unsafe” parts of the world. Hollow slogans of the type “enough is enough” are dangerous, not only because they are meaningless but also because they mean that Manchester or 7/7 was not enough.

5. Education is the shrine of values for any society. Investing in education is the only way to protect and nourish the values we stand by.

So please do not miss your chance to vote!

Author: Helena Sheizon- Director and Immigration Lawyer

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