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7 Comments » for Are your kids British? … Are you sure?
  1. Francis Marfo says:

    I am a EU national while my wife is a non EU national we both acquired our permanent residence in 2016. I had first child in 2011 and and second 2013. I have been working since I came to UK in 2009 and I am still working. May I kindly inquire in my children do qualify for British citizenships

    • Helena Sheizon says:

      The answer to your question depends on whether the children were born in the UK or abroad. If born in the UK they are entitled to register as British citizens. If born abroad they can be registered at the discretion of the Secretary of State, normally (but not necessarily) when one of the parents also applies for British citizenship through naturalisation.

  2. Ali says:

    I am applying now for my eea permanent residence card.I have been living in the UK since 2004 as an EU cutizen. My children are born in 2012 and 2015 in the UK. when I apply for my first born British passport. I was asked to provide proof of employment and bank statements. Then I received the first British passport. For my second child, I was asked to provide proof of employment one more time, I wrote a letter to explain I already went through the same process before and then the second passport was issued. Now that I’m applying for my permanent residence card, are my children s British passport a sufficient proof of residence?

  3. Chris Cam says:

    Hello. You say that ‘A child born in the UK who is not British by birth can be registered as a British citizen as soon as one of the parents becomes settled (i.e. acquires permanent right of residence or indefinite leave to remain)’. Would the parent/s need to have a document to prove they’re settled when applying for the child’s registration or will evidence of, say continuous employment for 5 years be enough?

    Context: my wife and I are both EU citizens and have both been continuously working in the UK for over 5 years. Our daughter was born in 2016 and we are planning on applying for her citizenship, but the application form does not make this crucial point clear. In fact the application form (MN1) doesn not even ask for evidence of 5 years’ residency for the parent/s – it simply asks for the date when the parent “became settled in the UK (eg granted indefinite leave to remain)”.

    Many thanks.

    • Helena Sheizon says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for this. No, parents do not have to have a document confirming permanent right of residence, but it helps if you have one. If you have or your wife worked in the UK for five years before the child was born, she may have been born British and you do not need to register her. In this case you would only need confirmation of her British citizenship.

      It is probably best to receive legal advice and we can help with the application for registration if your daughter is not born British and qualifies to apply for registration.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Ana Mujuru says:

    HI Chris,
    my kids father is settled he became settled in 2012 after my son was born my daughter was then born in 2014
    i have been adding my kids to my 2.5yr leave to remain applications but it has come to my attention that my son can actually register on the MN1 form as British and my daughter is British naturally as she was born to a settleled father
    My questions is can I make these applications for them myself as their father and I broke up due to DV. I have documents from the police confirming he was found guilty in court
    i have birth certificates for them and evidence that he pays child maintenance for them.
    my solicustor tried to contact him before to get him to apply for the children but he refused. I have this evidence too
    as the home office granted him ILR surely they have the evidence on their systems. and they have confirmed in previous applications that they are extending my 2.5yrs as he has ILR
    Can i do the application myself? can i use your services?

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