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Not every child born in the UK is a British citizen by birth. But every child can be registered at the discretion of the Secretary of State. The Home Office should not be confused as to the basis for exercise of discretion. It is not “exceptionality” that has to be addressed, but the child’s best interests and the child’s most probable place of residence in the foreseeable future.

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Cost of immigration appeals has increased dramatically overnight. This affects not only migrants, it is a telltale of what is happening with the society in Brexiting Britain. Where the law is uncertain or simply cannot be enforced, political agenda dictates decision without much regard to the law. The next thing that happens is that slogans substitute substance. The increase of immigration appeal fees is introduced under the slogan “justice for all”.

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We will still remain a party to the European Convention on Human Rights. When asked what the point would be, the post-Brexit Secretary for Justice says "the British Bill of Rights will protect us in a better way". The absurdity of this statement made me wonder if I was reading thedailymash. I wasn't. It may be worth explaining why it is SO nonsensical, and so fundamentally untrue...

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Brexit will affect us all, independently of background, migrants or not, Europeans or Africans. From immigration lawyer's perspective my strong recommendation for EU nationals who have worked in the UK for more than five years is now to apply for a document certifying permanent right of residence. It was not, and still is not, mandatory to have this document. However, it became of much value in November 2015 when it was announced that European citizens were no longer entitled to apply for British citizenship before having held this document for one year.

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