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The transition to a new life or new business opportunity in another country can prove complex, intimidating, and confusing. If you find yourself facing the challenges that naturally accompany this important step, Kadmos Consultants can help. Our London-based immigration lawyers are more than happy to listen to your concerns, provide the expert counsel you need, and put you on the path toward your future in the UK.

Who we are

Kadmos Consultants has helped newcomers to the UK with their legal needs since 2006. As recognized specialists in the field of immigration, we can address any and every aspect of this complex, multifaceted area of law. We also have connections with numerous experts in related fields and disciplines, allowing us to apply extensive skills and depth of industry knowledge toward a holistic, personalized approach.

Like other immigration law firms, Kadmos Consultants is regulated by a supervisory body. Our regulating authority is the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We hold the highest level of OISC accreditation, Level 3. No matter how demanding or complicated your immigration challenges, we have the knowledge and practical experience to handle them for you.

What we offer

Here at Kadmos Consultants, we understand that different individuals enter the UK for different reasons. Maybe you want to join your partner. Maybe you wish to work for an employer in the UK or set up your own business. Maybe you simply wish to get a degree from a British University or send your children to study in a private school in the UK. Since we’re equally well versed in all aspects of UK immigration law, we can help you with these and many other immigration scenarios that involve legal complexities.

Our immigration services

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your UK immigration questions and needs, you couldn’t do better than the London immigration solicitors at Kadmos Consultants. We pride ourselves on our ability to find practical and confident solutions and help individuals and businesses overcome bureaucratic barriers when it comes to immigraiton. We love seeing your dreams come true!

Here are some key ways we can help streamline your immigration journey:

UK Visa Applications and British Citizenship

There are many different types of visas or entry clearance depending on the purpose and duration of your sojourn in the UK. If you are planning to make the UK your main home or to become a British citizen, you have to think strategically.

It is best to seek legal advice on the best options open to you. It is not uncommon that there are two or three alternative paths which have their specific advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you know them so that you make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

We are happy to help with the choice of a UK visa which suits your needs and your application for entry clearance. The fact that we are in Harrow, London and you are applying from overseas is not a hindrance at all!

Most applications are made electronically and we can complete the forms, upload your documents and our visa support representations online. We would normally handle your appointments, any follow-up correspondence with the authorities, and any necessary procedures to ensure a timely and positive outcome of your application.

If you are in the UK and applying for an extension of stay, we are happy to take instructions and save you the time and stress of preparing the application yourself or offer you a document checking service if you have already prepared your application and need it checked before it is submitted to the authorities.

Our success rate (over 99% in all types of cases) and the testimonials our clients have left should give you peace of mind and confidence that there won’t be any unwanted surprises.

Services for Employers of Migrant Workers

UK businesses in all kinds of trades and industries may wish to engage non-British workers. Where working for the employer is the main reason for the worker’s residence in the UK, the employer has to sponsor the individual. In order to do so, the employer needs a sponsor licence.

We have helped dozens of businesses successfully apply for a licence and engage workers from every part of the world.

Not every non-British worker needs sponsorship. For example, the partner of a sponsored worker has the right to work without a sponsorship, students often have the right to work part time during the semester and full-time during their holiday period. Partners of British citizens, EU nationals with pre-settled or settled status, family members of qualified EU nationals, investor and global talent visa holders, all have the right to work outside the sponsorship system.

However, the employer has to keep a pedantic record of relevant documents to make sure they don’t fall foul of the rules on “prevention of illegal working”. The penalties can be hefty and out of proportion, and it’s always best to have an expert, just a phone call away, to answer any questions you may stumble on and ensure your full compliance with the requirements.

In addition, the rules changed in December 2020 now allowing more workers to be sponsored in an additional variety of professions and with varying levels of expertise. There are new opportunities and a new favourable regime for employment of non-British graduates who completed their degrees in the UK.

Our team can help you navigate these ever-changing waters and ensure immigration compliance of your business and competent operation of your sponsorship licence.

Immigration Appeals

We don’t live in an ideal world, but over 99% of the applications we handle, being a visa application or an application for British citizenship, are successful. Yet, sometimes, we have to go to court – and there our success rate is just as good!

If your application was refused, our immigration lawyers will advise you on your right of appeal, the grounds that may be raised in appeal and the factors that will be material to the success of your appeal. If there is no right of appeal, we will advise you if the decision may be challenged by administrative review or by judicial review.

Even if you feel that the decision is unfair, it is never a good idea to prepare the appeal without legal advice. The rules related to challenging immigration decisions are extremely complex and not every decision bears the right of appeal.

Moreover, an appeal is not always the best course of action – there may be a quicker and cheaper way of resolving the problem by making an alternative application.

The decision on the best course of action will often depend on the reasons for refusal of your application. The time is always of the essence, as missing the deadline may completely destroy the chance of appealing an incorrect or unfair decision.

Promoting Your Talent in the UK

Our career advisors are happy to discuss with you your goals, and help you find the right opportunities to promote your talent in the UK.

If you are a University graduate or have already started a career overseas and wish to relocate to the UK, we can discuss with you the best prospects of finding a job in the UK market and analyse your most pressing needs. We can advise on the best way to approach a specific opportunity, or help you find relevant vacancies and adjust your CV and cover letter to the expectations of UK-based employers.

Our consultants can offer you general advice on the best strategy for finding a job or more specific consultancy helping you secure the position of your dream.

Bringing an Overseas Business to Britain

If you own a business that has made its name in another part of the globe, it’s only sensible that you might want to expand your operations in the UK.

We are happy to help you with seconding a representative of your business to the UK, registering a branch of your company or a fully owned subsidiary, and seconding your employees from other parts of the world. Our partners in accountancy can look after your payroll and tax affairs. And if you need help with branding and marketing, we will refer you to the right specialists in this field.

Study in the UK

The UK offers outstanding academic opportunities for students for all ages, many of whom come from other countries to earn their degrees and pursue post-graduate or career-related education. But enrolling in a school and moving to another country at the same time puts a lot on your plate.

We aim to make this complicated transition as easy as possible.

We can help you overcome your UK visa hurdles while you focus on preparing for admission to your chosen school and your move to the UK.

At the same time, we offer a variety of other helpful services, including our alliance with the educational planning specialists at Libra Education and their many resources (including over 300 tutors, teachers and career advisors).

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What our clients say about us

“There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude to you. You have been more than just immigration consultants, you have been unflinching source of support, encouragement, and hope. Thank you for taking the extraordinary time and care to get me through this as safely and compassionately as you did. You are an excellent team and I count myself fortunate to have worked with you.”

Charissa Varma
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“Thank you for the efforts you put into our application. We seriously doubted a positive result was possible but couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Claire and Ketut

“They took time to understand my circumstances and guide me through the process. Whoever picked up the phone seemed to be familiar with my case and be able to help me – it’s a tribute to the communications within the team.”

Simon Lancaster, CEO