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About Us

For anyone who needs to work through the UK’s complex and constantly changing immigration laws to gain a visa, indefinite leave to remain or citizenship, we’re here to help you.

Our experienced team of specialist lawyers is dedicated purely to UK immigration and nationality law and specialises in cases where it’s of paramount importance that people gain a successful outcome from their application.

We have an exceptional success record in helping people from all over the world to gain residency, visas and citizenship in Britain. We specialise in the casework where the outcome is of paramount importance.

To give your application the best chance of success, we invest the time and effort to present the strongest possible case for you. We do this whether we’re making a relatively simple application for leave to remain or presenting a highly complex human rights case.

Given the current political environment in the UK, Immigration Rules are becoming more and more complex. What should be simple can be confusing, and the penalties for making even the smallest of mistakes can be very severe.

That’s why it’s so important to us that we give anyone wanting to live, stay or work here reliable and accurate legal advice and representation.

Our client care and highly diligent approach means you’re looked after throughout the process. You have full peace of mind that all paperwork will be done properly and will be submitted by deadlines to make sure you’re safely complying with all legal requirements.

We firmly believe that law should rule over bureaucracy, that partners shouldn’t be kept apart from one another and that children should never be separated from their parents. We will always defend these values to fight your case for you.

We take pride in doing our job well because we know that the outcome of what we do changes your life and because in coming to the UK, you’ll bring your skills, your culture and your energy which helps make Britain a richer, better and more diverse place for us all to live, work and thrive.

As lawyers, we believe that law should rule over bureaucracy, that partners should not be kept apart and children should not be separated from their parents. Independent reports show that migrants contribute enormously to the British economy and that British society benefits from your input, talent and energy. Fighting your case, we defend our values. We take pride in doing it well.

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Kadmos Immigration Lawyers

Kadmos Consultants was established in 2006. The firm is regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner and holds top level OISC accreditation (level 3). We handle cases at all levels of complexity and often represent appellants in immigration appeals. Our advisors are qualified lawyers specialising in every aspect of UK immigration. A considerable proportion of our work is professional referrals from other firms of solicitors and OISC regulated firms. We take on the more difficult and demanding cases which we handle with unfailing confidence and achieve outstanding rate of success.

The Team

Helena Sheizon
Helena SheizonImmigration lawyer
Tim Nikolaev
Tim NikolaevInternational Immigration Project Manager

Artificial Lift

Thank you so much for your invaluable help! Getting through the hurdle of the sponsorship licence system would have been impossible without you.  We highly recommend you to any prospective employer!

Amanda Williams

Excellent service for a time-pressed Indefinite Leave to Remain application. I had phoned a number of other firms looking for a short-notice appointment and no one else was able to help. I cannot describe my relief when Helena said that they could arrange a premium appointment. Given the stress that they took away from the process, their fees are certainly reasonable. All staff members I dealt with were exceptionally professional and thorough in their review and preparation of my application. It was such a relief to have their expert opinions in pulling together the necessary evidence. The ILR application is vague in areas and had I sent in the application myself, I would never have known to include certain documents and letters of support.

A Google User

I am the spouse of a British citizen who was looking for help with my visa. The Home Office told me that I needed to apply for Further Leave to Remain but ask that they go outside the rules and use their discretion to grant my visa. I wanted help since I had to ask for the Home Office to go outside the rules and I was lucky to find Kadmos through an Internet search for these types of visa cases. Their website offered many examples of cases much more complicated than mine that had been successfully resolved. I contacted Kadmos and, as promised, received a prompt reply. From that point on, my worries eased as I felt I was in competent hands with Helena and David. They were always available to answer all my questions, were very diligent with my case and were able to just assure me that everything was going to work out. Their fees were reasonable as well. All of their hard work paid off in the end and my husband and I are very grateful for their advocacy on our behalf. I would definitely highly recommend to anyone who needs immigration help to contact Kadmos. Thank you Helena, David and everyone at Kadmos!

Stan Amadi

Frankly Speaking, I was very much satisfied with the highly professional service I received from Kadmos Consultants Limited, during my Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR)- application. This very firm has a very strong, competent and dedicated team that worked diligently, effectively and efficiently-towards ensuring the success of my case. The team just spent about one week on my case, and everything turned around, with a positive result. My passionate thanks to Ashleigh, Helena and the other staff, for their extra work done on my own situation. Right now, I have already recommended two cases to Kadmos, and will be happy to recommend more without any reservations. I repeat again-thanks a million time Kadmos! Stan Amadi.

Ronald Obuya

we had a complicated case with the home office giving us no right to appeal. After calling about 20 solicitors who adviced us that there was nothing we coul do, i stumbled upon Kadmos consultants online. They had dealt with cases simillar to mine and were willing to take up my case. I called them and talked to Ashley who was very professional and understood my case. they always pic up the phone and i was informed about all the progress of my case. She talked me through everything and i feel that my case was handled brilliantly. I was represented by Helen at my appeal hearing and even though the home office had said we had no right of appeal, we won the appeal. I will use them again in the future and will recomend them to anyone.

Ali Ahmed

What a fantastic service and dedication I received from these extremely professional solicitors! Consultation by Helena was very clear from the start. I have had the pleasure of dealing with these pleasant people many times for my personal as well as family member’s legal matters and I can confidently recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent service and advice. Fay was also very prompt whenever I had a query and very recently had met Ashleigh who was equally good. I thank them for their efforts during my legal matters and recommend them big time! 10 out of 10 !!!!!!

Sarah J. Park

I was one click away from transferring funds to another visa consultancy for my Tier 2 visa renewal – which was of an urgent nature, as it was three days from expiring – when instinct told me to phone another company for a second opinion. A Google search returned with Kadmos Consulting at the top. Ashleigh from Kadmos Consultants was, in contrast to the previous visa consultant, calm, professional and well-informed. She expounded on my questions without me having to prod her; in other words, rather than addressing just the question at hand, she was able to anticipate and assuage my broader concerns. I also appreciated how quick and professional Kadmos was with the paperwork and would thoroughly recommend them.

Nicole Cobble

After vetting 14 solicitors to handle our EEA Family Permit (I’m American and my partner French), we found Kadmos to be the best value for our needs. The team is highly skilled, with a keen understanding of difficult immigration laws. They ensured our case was over-prepared for the appeals process – we were extremely well represented and it showed. The Kadmos team goes above and beyond for their clients, which was quite comforting when the Home Office pressure started making me frazzled. Thank you, Kadmos!

Afia Shah

I am a Canadian national who has been studying in the Uk for a few years now. When the time came for me to apply for an unmarried partners visa, I was naturally quite stressed out, especially upon learning about the major UKBA changes in 2012. I researched many companies, but it was my partner who noted the excellent reviews of Kadmos and suggest we go with them. I am so happy that we decided to go with Kadmos as they answer the phone immediately (unlike some others) and every single person I spoke to at Kadmos were so kind, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They dealt with our queries immediately and even requested additional info just to make our application air-tight. We were absolutely delighted that our application was approved! I will most definitely be using Kadmos in 2 years when it comes time to apply for ILR. The fees are very reasonable and the quality of work is simply above and beyond any other. Do not hesitate to use Kadmos, you will not regret it!

Uilani Marcis-Burog

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED From the very first meeting with Gina, to discuss an appeal for my mother in law, the knowledge in immigration matters by Kadmos is very clear. Our case was dealt with speed and professionalism with a positive outcome. MANY THANKS TO ALL AT KADMOS WHO WORKED ON IT AND AGAIN SUPER RECOMMENDED

Jelena L

Very knowledgeable and friendly. They have explained my immigration rights to me as well as the whole immigration process. They handled the whole case very smoothly and with success.

Anna Albertella

Im russian, my husband is english, our baby holds both russian and english citizenships. However after we applied for a wife visa i got a refusal and we had to go through a very long wait until finally we were advised to contact Kadmos. Helena, Gina and the rest were very helpful and professional. At the appeal Gina was amazing, we got everything we wished for! Thank you so much! If we ever have to face the home office again it will definitely be with Kadmos!!!

dan m

after my first visa was declined i was devastated as i was already separated from my family for a long time. i called kadmos and within a few hours gina called me and gave me a full review about the situation and my options, she even reviewed all my docs and right away said: “don’t worry, you deserve it legally and ill get it”! after 2 weeks my visa was reorganized and delivered. gina was always available, kind and understanding and yet, very bullish when it comes to representing me. this is the kind of people you want in your corner thank you gina for saving my visa.

Olga Sokolova

My friends who had used Kadmos Consultants in the past recommended to me Helena Sheizon in 2011. I must admit we have had a complicated immigration case and it took a while to get a successful outcome. I had nearly lost my hope in the meantime. However Kadmos team have always been very professional, positive and confident in what they do. They challenged the Home Office until my spouse visa was finally granted. In addition, despite resistance from the Home Office, Kadmos team has insisted that my son’s residence documents were to be issued free of charge and I am very grateful for it as it saved us a lot of money. Thanks and good luck with your work!

Kara Eigl

I can not recommend Kadmos Consultants strongly enough. From my very first dealing with them right through to my subsequent appeal, I found the whole team professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. I felt that my appeal case could not have been better prepared, in fact I do believable the team had planned for every potential argument. So effective and well presented was my case that even the judge congratulated Helena for being so well prepared. I will need to apply for further visa’s in the future and I will without question be going through Kadmos to do it.

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