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Why choose Kadmos

Why choose Kadmos

  1. Kadmos Immigration Consultants have been established for over 10 years and have an exceptional track record of success in applications for entry clearance, extension of stay, indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship (over 97%). We have helped hundreds of people from around the world to come to the UK, make it home, for a period of time or for good. We now work with families who seek to become European citizens or keep European citizenship after Brexit and aim to keep our success rate as high as ever.
  1. We are aware of the importance of the immigration decision for you and your family. And we take very seriously the trust you vest on us. The work we do goes well beyond the bare minimum of making things work. We do not leave anything to chance and try to anticipate any potential objections outside the standard legal requirements. This ensures that our clients do not fall victim to “hostile environment” policy or the decision-maker’s objective to reduce net migration.
  1. We are bold enough to take on the most complex and challenging cases, including those where the Secretary of State has to exercise discretion in favour of our client. We will never accept a case without merit, but we work hard to see merit in your case and give you a chance to succeed. We won a good number of cases which other firms discarded as hopeless.
  1. Being fully qualified to conduct litigation in immigration matters, we do our utmost best to spare you the joy of legal proceedings. Over 90% of our applications are successful. Out of those 10% which fail initially, 80% win their case on appeal.
  1. Your time is important and we know it. We need just three business days to complete the case from the day we received a full set of documents from you. Yet, we will not rush a case which is not ready. Our priority is a successful outcome.
  1. We are a small firm and that means that once we have opened your file every person in the company knows about your case, its stages and its progress. This means you don’t waste time speaking to the reception, explaining who you are or what your case is about. We answer your call when you need us and whoever picks up the phone knows who you are and the status of your case.
  1. We offer a set fee, which means that you will not have to pay for any follow up work if we have to chase the Home Office or answer additional enquiries. On average, this saves you approximately 40% of the cost if compared to an hourly pay.
  1. We have a close network of trusted professionals who can help with financial accounts, business advice, money transfers, choice of commercial or residential property and choice of state or private schools for your children.
  1. We have helped several generations of clients to work out and put to life a strategic immigration plan. We will be delighted to look after you from your first steps or from any stage you are in your immigration journey to the final steps of becoming a British and European citizen.


We hope this information will helps you make a choice and look forward to making success of your application!

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