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Tier 4 (Child) Student

Tier 4 (Child) Student

Tier 4 (Child) student visa is for children between four and 17 years of age who come to the UK to study at an independent fee-paying school.

Tier 4 (Child) student can come to the UK up to one month before the start date of the course. The maximum length of stay without extension is six years.  Where the visa is granted for the duration of the student’s course, four months are added to the visa after the end of the course.

A Tier 4 (Child) student may apply for extension of his visa within the UK if his existing permission to remain runs out less than one calendar month before the start-date of the new course he intends to undertake.  If the start date is more than one month after the expiry of the existing visa, application for extension has to be made from abroad.

Maintenance requirements

Tier 4(Child) Student has to demonstrate that funds are available to cover the full fee of the course.

Maintenance amount depends on the care arrangements to be made for the child.

If the child is to be placed with a UK resident carer, the intended carer should have at least £560 per month to look after and accommodate the child for the duration of the course to a maximum of nine months.

Where the child student under 12 years of age is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, they need to demonstrate £1535 for each month of the duration of the course for a maximum of nine months, plus any outstanding school fees.  Each additional child student in the care of the same parent should demonstrate availability of additional £615 per month for living costs.

Child students of 16 or 17 years of age living independently need £920 per month if they are studying in Central London, or £715 per month elsewhere.

Child students aged 16 or 17 may demonstrate “established presence” in the UK, if they have completed a course that was at least six months long during the previous period of their leave or are applying to continue study on a single course where they have completed six months of that course.  These students will only need to demonstrate availability of maintenance funds for two months.

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