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Immigration appeals

Immigration appeals

Challenging an immigration decision may be a daunting task and the ever changing rules on the rights of appeal do not make it any easier.

We take the stress off your shoulders as much as possible, first by advising you on your rights to challenge a refusal, drafting the grounds of appeal and representing you in court. We are delighted that more than 95% of our appeal work is successful.

Our work starts with advising appellants on the merits of their case, the applicable deadlines and procedures to follow. Once instructed we do our best to enhance the appellant’s prospects of success by carefully preparing the bundles of documents, drafting witness statements, and where necessary instructing experts.

The rules governing the rights of appeal are complex, and the decision makers sometimes erroneously advise applicants that their decision is not appealable. Some decisions bear a right of appeal on limited grounds only, such as Human Rights or race discrimination. Failure to draft the grounds correctly may invalidate the appeal and leave the migrant without an adequate remedy.

We strongly recommend anyone with an adverse decision of the immigration authorities on their hands to seek legal advice regarding their right of appeal.

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